About me

I am a software engineer and computers have been my passion since I was a child. Improving by mistakes, I studied and achieved first a bachelor then a master degree in Computer Science, a decisive contribution to my addiction to technology. I have some experience as a System Administrator, that’s why I always keep in mind that code isn’t software until it’s deployed. This often drives my choices in system design for medium or complex software.

Without losing correctness, I like writing efficient, readable and maintainable code because elegance is not optional (cit.). The programming languages in which I’m fluent are: Python (expert), Golang (proficient), JavaScript (proficient), Java (prior experience).

Whenever I can, I love speaking at technical conferences to share and discuss thoughts and projects with people. During my spare time I like contributing to Open Source projects, building stuff and IoT devices for my house, or more luckily doing trekking with friends.

Open Source Projects

This is a list of Open Source projects in which I am maintainer or contributor: